Trauma recovery is an extremely urgent concern in today’s world as highly stressful events appear to be on the rise and corresponding professional support for individuals experiencing traumatic stress, especially children, is lacking.
The experience of survival of traumatic events – natural disasters or human made catastrophes, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and violence, witnessing a mass shooting, terrorism and wars can be anchored to memories, causing negative protection, fear, and worry.

Dr. Masgutova has developed a special reflex integration protocol for trauma recovery. Since there is so much trauma and post-traumatic stress in this world, this video is her gift to the world.

UFA Train Accident

In 1988 Dr. Masgutova had just finished her Ph.D. at the Scientific Research Institute at the Russian Education Academy in Moscow and began as Post Graduate Lecturer for the Psychology Department at Orechovo-Zouevo State Educational University and the Early Education Psychology Department at Moscow Open State Educational University (both in 1989) when news hit the Russian media regarding the tragic train accident outside of Ufa, Russia. Dr. Masgutova joined the large team of medical professionals, leaving their posts to come and help the survivors through the event’s aftermath. It would be months before she would return home. Facing the tragic circumstances with ingenuity, she built on simple movement and tactile activities, hers and the children’s to draw out many psychologically trapped children.


Since 1989 Dr. Masgutova supports victims of catastrophes. A team of MNRI® Specialists work with disaster and catastrophe survivors all over the world, helping them with their traumatic stress release and recovery processes.
In 2012 a team of MNRI® Core Specialists traveled to Newton, CT to work with the traumatized children, teachers and parents of the Sandy Hook School, who all had been confronted with the death of teachers and children during a shooting at the school.
In Louisiana the MNRI® team worked with flood survivors when their state was impacted by catastrophic flooding in August 2016.

First responders
The MNRI® team organizes special PTSD Conferences for veterans, firefighters and first responders that were confronted with severe human suffering.